Soul Purpose is a Brooklyn-based design studio creating conceptual pieces of work to inspire others to pursue their passions and follow their dreams. We produce innovative sneakers and high-quality apparel inspired by the music, hobbies, and pop culture icons people love.

 Our Creative Director Brooklyn-native Louis Blaut, dedicated 365 days to making 365 designs for our collection that includes basketball, casual, running, and lifestyle sneakers. During that time he also created the acronym series of sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as the logo hats. Each item has a unique, “timeless” aesthetic. These designs are made of the highest quality materials like Vacuum formed Satin, Whiskey and Vachetta Tanned leather all sourced from around the globe and assembled with the greatest of care.

 We create unique limited edition pieces of wearable art intended to provoke emotion and encourage conversation with others; connecting people through their mutual love of things like Hip-Hop, Comic Books and Cars just to name a few things.

Ultimately we’re just trying to Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way. – The Notorious B.I.G.

“I grew up reading a lot of comic books and watching cartoons, so a lot of designs come from that inspiration, as well as music and hip-hop in particular. We want to inspire people to have conversations. When you have a great pair of shoes, people stop you and ask you about them. That rarely happens with retros — I want people to see Soul Purpose sneakers, stop you on the street and have a conversation.” – Footwear News Feature 2016